Miroslav Singer

Tomáš Šebek

Jaroslav Lexa

Miloš Olejník

Tomáš Veit

Jiří Róžański

Michal Kristiňák

eBF 2023 | eSourcing
Leona Gergelová Šteigrová

Ondrej Kuruc

Jan Hirsch

Zdeněk Mikeš

Adéla Havlová

eBF 2023 | eSourcing
Rasťo Kovaľ

Jaromír Šponar

Vladimír Baar

Martin Zelinka

Diana Rádl Rogerová

Jan Zahálka

Kateřina Koláčková

Marek Šmid

Mimi Nicklin

Daša Obuch Paláková

Miroslav Knob

Jacek Jarmuszczak

Milan Kaplan

Peter Majtán

eBF 2023 | eSourcing
Martin Vyklický

Marcela Turčanová

Michal Garaj

eBF - Sharing knowledge about digitization of procurement and orders in a unique festival atmosphere / Ostrava - 11 - 14 June 2024

Hotel Imperial, Boutique Business Incubator Ostravica, and our Hawaii (Dr. E. Beneš Square)

It's unbelievable, but it's a fact that we will meet in Ostrava for the 20th time at the eBF event in 2024! In twenty years, our professional shopping conference has grown into the largest of its kind in Central Europe and has changed into an unforgettable festival. The twentieth anniversary of the festival will again be interspersed with a lot of expert lectures and follow-up workshops with the possibility of sharing experiences in the field of digitization of corporate purchasing processes and public procurement. There will also be a gala evening of the FSA (Fair Sourcing Awards), the queen of buns and other unforgettable elements of networking. You simply have to experience the unique atmosphere that sets the eBF festival apart from other conferences.






accompanying programs

Chatbot eBF

Chatbot eBF

We introduce to you Gregor, the #AI chatbot from CEQUENCE, who will guide you through the jubilee 20th edition of the eBF festival. We have embedded all available information about this year's eBF and historical ones up to 2008 into it :)

Handbook eBF

Handbook eBF

The eBF Handbook is a practical guide for all festival participants, providing detailed information about the program, lectures, and workshops. Thanks to the eBF Handbook, you will have all the necessary information at your fingertips to plan and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

eBF merch

T-shirts for eBF fans

Don't miss the chance and equip yourself with a stylish eBF 2024 festival t-shirt! Our special edition t-shirts will be a great souvenir of the unique four days we will spend together in Ostrava. Don't miss the opportunity to shine at the festival with t-shirts that are so comfortable and stylish that you won't want to take them off! To order merchandise, visit the website.

Friendly, colorful networking, and rooms full of procurement specialists

Plenty of topics, stages, lectures, follow-up discussions and informal meetings in the breaks between blocks mean enough room for networking with leading specialists. You will get inspired, discover new information, and learn the best way to implement everything into your own practice.

„The eBF festival opens with the TOGETHER exhibition on the Tuesday and closes with Friday's CAFFÈ LUNGO.“

festival eBF stages


On the evening of Tuesday 11 June we will all meet at the opening of the exhibition TOGETHER. This is traditionally the best way to start the eBF informally. This year, the exhibition will be exceptionally focused on presenting the work of the artists, drawers and designers who have contributed to the visual appearance of our shopping festival in previous years. The exhibition will be installed in the Ostravice atrium for the duration of the festival. At the exhibition, you can look forward to works by: Václav Šípoš, Růžena Kalinová, Teddy Salad, Rostislav Pospíšil.




A selection of the most interesting topics, discussions and personalities from this year’s eBF as well as issues surrounding the digitalisation of public procurement.


A selection of the most interesting topics, guests and discussions from all the stages at this year’s eBF covering the digitalisation of corporate procurement.


 Gala award ceremony for effective and inspirational use of digitalisation in corporate and public procurement.

Programme eBF 2024
DNT – Digital Procurement Team

DNT – Digital Procurement Team

An important educational event from the workshop of the organizers of the eBF festival. In 9 full-day modules during the semester, participants will learn about the end-2-end purchasing process, the latest knowledge, tips and tricks in the field of procurement. The uniqueness of the course is enhanced by the fact that, within each module, the world's leading providers of solutions for the digitization of procurement also appear with practical examples of the most modern possibilities.

DZT – Digital Procurement Team

DZT – Digital Procurement Team

A unique certified course created at the initiative of public procurement specialists within the PROCUREMENT BOARD, based on the recommendations of the European Commission and in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics VŠB-TUO, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and the ÚVO. In 10 modules, you will become a specialist in the field of public procurement and all associated areas over the course of the semester.

PB Academy

Procurement Board

PROCUREMENT BOARD is the overarching brand for sharing the know-how of companies that have been collaborating on the digitalization of corporate procurement and public tender processes for a long time. It encompasses expert streams, a library, a procurement dictionary, eLearning, and now also ACADEMY with educational procurement courses.


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