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ebf 2017 | Ostrava | eSourcing
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ebf 2017 | Ostrava | eSourcing
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ebf 2017 | Ostrava | eSourcing
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eBF is a festival about the digitisation of both public and private sector procurement
6th - 8th November 2019, Ostrava, Imperial Hotel


There will be three days packed with workshops, discussions and meetings for sharing experience in the e-enabling of procurement processes, tender processes and the eAuction evaluation of suppliers’ bids.

Inspirational, connecting, international, friendly

For a number of years now, at the end of eBF we have wondered whether, in twelve months’ time, it will be possible to improve on, or even equal, the wonderful atmosphere, along with the accompanying barrage of expertise we have just experienced. However, the extremely positive evaluation and trust shown by participants is proof that it can be done. Fortunately, we have the advantage that we still enjoy organising eBF even after ten years and want to continue to improve it also for ourselves. Indeed, the growing social dimension of eBF has prompted us to label it a “Procurement Festival”. Three days about corporate procurement and public tenders in the digital age, about the acquisition of knowledge, about professional recognition, but also about enjoyment.








The festival begins on the Tuesday evening with the opening of the TOGETHER III exhibition. The first big eBF day is Wednesday. In the large congress hall there will be the ePROCUREMENT MEETING, an expert workshop for public sector eProcurement specialists, while concurrently for the private sector there will be five halls of workshops, seminars and training for corporate procurement specialists. Some of this information will naturally have a universal character and is suitable for both groups of participants. On the second day the roles will be reversed. In the large hall there will be the eSOURCING MEETING for corporate buyers, while running parallel to it in the other halls there will be seminars, workshops and training for the public sector. We expect there will be up to 500 people gathered in all the rooms at any one time. We’re counting on the necessity to make a choice; nobody can do everything. On Friday, there will be fewer of us who will nevertheless all gather in the congress hall at round tables for an extended coffee morning with a different topic at each table. Then we’ll say our goodbyes, pack up and all go home.

Programový koncept eBF


A professional meeting with such a great atmosphere as experienced at last year’s eBF is the perfect stage for rewarding the most impressive and the most inspirational. Therefore it has become a tradition on the Wednesday evening of the conference to honour those who are pushing forward the computerization of corporate purchasing and public procurement. The Fair Sourcing Awards (FSA) ceremony is one of the highlights of the three days. The main FSA organisers are the Czech and Slovak Associations of Providers and Users of Electronic Tools (APUEN). They are responsible for promoting the competition, collecting applications and putting the jury together.


Malcolm is from Warwick in England, but now lives in Ostrava and has been trying to infect us with the running bug. The response to the inaugural morning runs at last year’s festival was encouraging, so this year Malcolm will lead the way again. Don’t forget your running shoes and join in!


All painters, sculptors, artistic blacksmiths, photographers and other artists are invited to join in and to spread this challenge. For the fourth year running, we’ll be putting on an exhibition of the works of people from the public and corporate procurement worlds. There will be a vernissage on the eve of eBF and the exhibition will be open throughout the festival.



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