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eBF - corporate procurement, public procurement, digitalisation, atmosphere, festival May 2022

"eBF is a professional meeting focused on the DIGITALISATION of procurement in both the public and private sectors. eBF is very different to similar events; it is creative, practical and friendly. It allows you to share knowledge and especially skills much more than usual. The atmosphere is such that we started dubbing it a FESTIVAL rather than a conference." -mk-


Opinion leaders

We want to push the world forward, so we have expanded the number of topics to include AUTOMATION, Procurement 4.0 solutions and using BIG DATA for effective decision making.


One of eBF’s great assets is its friendly, welcoming ATMOSPHERE, which is enhanced by the inclusion of auxiliary events such as the annual FSA results, an art exhibition and morning jogging amongst other activities.


We are increasing the number of hours of practical training and working with a variety of solutions used for the digitalisation of procurement.

We Are the World

So that all participants can soak up the complete experience, there is full interpretation between three languages - Polish, English and Czech.







Programme concept

The goal is to make a great big practical workshop. We have divided the Wednesday and Thursday professional programme into seven stages with a total of thirty-five blocks and ninety-five presentations. Not everyone can be in the same place at once, so we have put a cap of two hundred and fifty on the main stage, and the same number must fit in all the other six halls at the same time.

On Wednesday, as is traditional, the main hall is for the public sector, and corporate procurers will gather in the smaller spaces. Thursday is the opposite. The eBF festival opens with the TOGETHER exhibition on the Tuesday and closes with Friday's CAFFÈ LUNGO.

Programový koncept eBF


The curation of eBF is carried out by a team of over twenty. Mostly we have chosen each other, as well as inviting significant figures in corporate procurement and successful public procurement specialists, as well as procurement educators. In all cases, they have also been regular attendees of eBF whose opinions and ideas have helped us mould the festival. We call them the “Beautification Association”. We tried this way for the first time last year and we were excited by the results. This year we‘ve pushed forward with curation and we believe it will benefit eBF.

FSA – Fair Sourcing Awards

FSA – Fair Sourcing Awards

On the Fair Sourcing Awards gala evening prizes are presented. They are awarded for innovative, inspiring or long-term use of digitalisation to increase the efficiency and transparency of corporate and public procurement. The results seen by the winners of using of process solutions, procurement catalogues, eAuctions, eInquiries and other tools are presented. The competition is organized by the APUEN association and every year the three winners are presented with a crystal cube embellished with the FSA symbol. The organizers of the conference also award a GRAND PRIX for outstanding achievement in the field. There is also a cultural element to the evening, with a number of participants presenting their musical talents between the presentations.

Dlouhá káva

Caffè Lungo

The festival culminates with an opportunity for round-table discussions with ten inspirational personalities from outside the procurement world. They will have demonstrated various extraordinary qualities: creativity, responsibility, team-leadership, patience, recognition of the truth, recognition of quality, the ability to serve others. They will include, among others, a senior paramedic, a renowned blogger, a national coach, an inventor, a singer, a renowned winemaker, a well-known cartoonist and caricaturist and a journalist. Following last year's extraordinary success, we have again asked Mr Vladimír Vůjtek, who enchanted us all, to be one of our guests. The other tables are gradually being filled up. This year a bell will ring four times, giving you the chance to move to another interesting table.



The eBF festival will again actually start for the fifth time on the Tuesday evening at 7pm with the opening night of the TOGETHER exhibition, which will feature artworks by the conference participants, the organizers and their friends and associates. A change this year is that even buyers and procurers who are not participating in the festival can exhibit. They can join the painters, photographers, sculptors and ceramists look forward to seeing each other year after year, even though the exhibition lasts for only the four days of the conference. Last year there were 23 exhibitors, and this year we welcome as curator the painter and caricaturist Václav Šípoš.



On three mornings, from Wednesday to Friday, jogging fans can run with the gentleman and marathon runner Malcolm through the dawn in the streets and parks of Ostrava. His love of movement is contagious, and perhaps because of this, the number of athletes is rising every year. In addition, we annually hear a number of festival participants claiming that they are very sorry for accidentally forgetting their running bag as they closed their front door. It’s encouraging that this group of would-be athletes is growing too. And if anyone wants to play five-a-side football with us, it’ll probably be possible this year. We have amongst our number someone who is almost a league coach.



Having a movie make-up artist and stylist as part of the festival was a brilliant idea and the Queen of Buns is now an integral part of the event! Initially, all of the males among the eBF organizers questioned and rejected this idea. Fortunately, the women knew better and didn't let themselves get their minds changed by boyish misunderstandings. The result eventually surpassed even the most optimistic expectations. The pop-up salon is always fully booked from the beginning of the event to its end. The first reservations are even made a few weeks in advance.




A selection of the most interesting topics, discussions and personalities from this year’s eBF as well as issues surrounding the digitalisation of public procurement.


A selection of the most interesting topics, guests and discussions from all the stages at this year’s eBF covering the digitalisation of corporate procurement.


 Gala award ceremony for effective and inspirational use of digitalisation in corporate and public procurement.


A handful of round discussion tables for meeting with hand-picked motivational speakers from public life in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland.




 The new role of procurement in successful companies, the new demands that are expected from procurement teams, and procurement in the age of digitalisation and data support.


This stage enables international comparisons to be made and inspiration to be gained through a variety of custom-made solutions which are proven and transferable across EU countries.




 Automation, robotisation, ideas, new demands on procurement professionals and innovations in corporate procurement processes.


 Everything that needs to be known and recognised about the current demands of digital public procurement and the work of specialists for whom it their daily bread.




 Peter Kraljič, corporate procurement legend, consultant and category management idea-maker is in Ostrava for the second time! He lends his name to this stage as well as hosting it and sharing his conception. Peter is a visionary whose thoughts published in a professional journal in 1983 changed procurement management without the procurement world properly realizing it. He was one of the first to successfully combine the world of procurement with the competitiveness of economic operators. His ideas on competitiveness were subsequently adopted by countries, regions and cities adapting to the competitive market.




 Several dozen case studies from the digitalisation of corporate procurement (Wednesday) and public procurement (Thursday) explained, commented on and discussed. Wherever possible, there will be demonstrations of customized digital solutions and commentary on follow-up decisions.




This scene is dedicated to the acquisition of skills for working with specialised digital solutions for both corporate and public procurement. The training may include expert consultations, instructions for setting up tenders and tips on resolving specific procurement situations. Due to the educational nature of TRAINING POINT, the number of participants is limited.



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We are moving eBF to the term 24. - 27. 5. 2022.
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