12th year
international conference



HOLLAND for all |

What was probably our biggest HOLLAND eAuction yet took place yesterday, with a value of around €1 000 000. However, it was for complex technology rather than tulips. Savings of tens of thousands of euros will certainly encourage more auctions of this type. What's more, it's proof that every type of eAuction has its own uses and it's necessary to take these options into account during the strategic planning stage of procurement.


How Peter Kraljic Changed the Procurement World |

Living procurement legend Peter Kraljic will be our special guest at this year's eBF. All leading procurement teams will have come across his Portfolio Purchasing Model, better known as the Kraljic Matrix. At eBF we will listen to an interpretation of the matrix and its impact over the subsequent thirty plus years from the perspective of its author. 2 500 citations in the most prestigious procurement journals highlight why Peter Kraljic is considered an icon in his field on a global scale and became the cornerstone for the future of procurement.



This year's eBF conference will be no exception, and will be held under the auspices of the Mayor of Ostrava. We greatly appreciate the support of Mayor Tomas Macura and our home city, which itself supports the idea of the e-enabling of public procurement.


eBF 2016 is done and dusted... |

After nearly a year in preparation, the four days of the shopping festival breezed by at a rate that left the organizers and a large part of the participants gobsmacked. It was so good we are already looking forward to the next eBF. It’s sure to be at least as pleasant as this year, and again it will be great to see each other, just as it was this year. Thank you all. Milan


Falling Diplomas |

Today Tomáš Šturala called to say that at seven in the morning his FSA diploma from 2012 had fallen off the wall, and an hour later the same thing happened with his 2013 diploma, so he was checking to see if all was well in Ostrava. I was able to report that we were ready. The falling diplomas were probably heralding the Ostrava meeting. The town is still standing, the conference halls are ready and we are looking forward to seeing you. It has begun!!! ZuzKa


Sightseeing tour of Ostrava by bus |

Take this brilliant opportunity to see Ostrava as you’ve never seen it before; the industrial zone and the more deprived districts, but also the treasures of our city. What’s more, our guide will be an Ostravian through and through, whose historical expertise is peppered with jokes and anecdotes from the underworld. All aboard on Thursday 4pm at the Imperial Hotel!


eProcurement |

A working forum with representatives from Czechia, Slovakia, Slovakia and Europe. The aim will be to shape ideas about the future of eProcurement, discuss what challenges lay ahead of us and find out how we can be inspired by other countries.


Training Point |

will be one of the venues conducted under the baton of our trainers. We have picked a different trainer for each topic, who will hold a session on practical skills. There will be examples of a wide variety of settings, tactics, calculations and different types of eAuction.


What are the most common errors in procurement? |

We learn best from our own mistakes. With his renowned wit and professionalism, Jan Vašek will share his experience on this matter on Wednesday in the Budapest Lounge.


TOGETHER II. exhibition |

This unique art exhibition is slowly but surely gaining final form. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your talents along with other procurement professionals from among the public and corporate sectors, and the staff of NAR. Join us and let’s exhibit TOGETHER!


There will be three days packed with workshops, discussions and meetings for sharing experience in the e-enabling of procurement processes, tender processes and the eAuction evaluation of suppliers’ bids.

For a number of years now, at the end of eBF we have wondered whether, in twelve months’ time, it will be possible to improve on, or even equal, the wonderful atmosphere, along with the accompanying barrage of expertise we have just experienced. However, the extremely positive evaluation and trust shown by participants is proof that it can be done. Fortunately, we have the advantage that we still enjoy organising eBF even after ten years and want to continue to improve it also for ourselves. Indeed, the growing social dimension of eBF has prompted us to label it a “Procurement Festival”. Three days about corporate procurement and public tenders in the digital age, about the acquisition of knowledge, about professional recognition, but also about enjoyment.


The festival begins on the Tuesday evening with the opening of the TOGETHER III exhibition. The first big eBF day is Wednesday. In the large congress hall there will be the ePROCUREMENT MEETING, an expert workshop for public sector eProcurement specialists, while concurrently for the private sector there will be five halls of workshops, seminars and training for corporate procurement specialists. Some of this information will naturally have a universal character and is suitable for both groups of participants. On the second day the roles will be reversed. In the large hall there will be the eSOURCING MEETING for corporate buyers, while running parallel to it in the other halls there will be seminars, workshops and training for the public sector. We expect there will be up to 500 people gathered in all the rooms at any one time. We’re counting on the necessity to make a choice; nobody can do everything. On Friday, there will be fewer of us who will nevertheless all gather in the congress hall at round tables for an extended coffee morning with a different topic at each table. Then we’ll say our goodbyes, pack up and all go home.


For new inspiration, we are expanding eBF with a sixth conference space.
Last year we added a new conference space to the festival called the PRACTICAL ARENA where a succession of authentic eProcurement solutions were presented. The feedback was great. This success has led us to a further innovation of adding a sixth parallel space in response to the demand for information about other European providers and their software products, and we are creating a space for partners and competitors. Its working title is eBIZ POINT. We are also planning to add providers of new services which facilitate and streamline the work of both corporate and public procurement teams. For this year we would like to prioritise providers of eCATALOGUE and eMARKET solutions and associated services.


For corporate buyers the highlight of the thirteenth annual eBF will be this purchasing visionary and legend in the field, who in 1983 defined the fundamentals of category management, which are still being used today, albeit with minor changes brought about by the advent of the Internet and digitalisation. Such was the impact of the publication of the “Kraljič Matrix” in 1983, purchasing strategy can now be characterised as BK (Before Kraljič) and AK (After Kraljič).


Nikita is coming to eBF for the third time and discussions with him in workshops on the computerization of public procurement will help us navigate through existing problems of implementation in different countries and find possible solutions. He is currently Head of the Innovative and eProcurement Unit in the European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.


A professional meeting with such a great atmosphere as experienced at last year’s eBF is the perfect stage for rewarding the most impressive and the most inspirational. Therefore it has become a tradition on the Wednesday evening of the conference to honour those who are pushing forward the computerization of corporate purchasing and public procurement. The Fair Sourcing Awards (FSA) ceremony is one of the highlights of the three days. The main FSA organisers are the Czech and Slovak Associations of Providers and Users of Electronic Tools (APUEN). They are responsible for promoting the competition, collecting applications and putting the jury together. For terms and conditions of participation and to apply please go to www.fsawards.com/en.


Malcolm is from Warwick in England, but now lives in Ostrava and has been trying to infect us with the running bug. The response to the inaugural morning runs at last year’s festival was encouraging, so this year Malcolm will lead the way again. Don’t forget your running shoes and join in!


All painters, sculptors, artistic blacksmiths, photographers and other artists are invited to join in and to spread this challenge. For the third year running, we’ll be putting on an exhibition of the works of people from the public and corporate procurement worlds. There will be a vernissage on the eve of eBF and the exhibition will be open throughout the festival.

What they said about eBF

Holger Plein, RWE, Germany

eBF is clearly getting better from year to year. I took part in the conference two years ago for the first time and also last year, and it was very professional then, but now it´s even more so. Among other things, I would highlight the increase in presentations in English, which gives the conference a more international flavour. It was just perfect.

Jaroslav Lexa, APUeN, Slovakia

Some of the presentations were so good that they took me by surprise with their in-depth knowledge of the issues. The quality of the conference has been very high in recent years. I don’t think there is anything to compare with it.

Sebastian Redenbacher, Siemens, Germany

I really enjoyed the conference very much. I gained a lot of inspiration here and there was an extremely fruitful exchange of ideas that enriched my knowledge of eAuctions.

Ama Eyo, University of Bangor, United Kingdom

It’s really a very pleasant conference with many interesting speakers and plenty of opportunities for sharing amazing ideas about developments in the field of public procurement, particularly about the opportunities for using electronic platforms. In short it’s really very interesting and engaging.

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