True Stories on the Sixth Stage


True Stories on the Sixth Stage

10. 09. 2018 14:59 Jan Šlachta

We're very pleased to announce that the Sixth Stage at the Puppet Theatre, one of the innovations at this year's eBF, will be entirely curated by Karel Otýs. "I envisage the greatest contribution of the Sixth Stage will be in sharing the authentic stories of the speakers, be they successes or mistakes," says the experienced lecturer and consultant, who recently founded Amplio, a new training company. In addition to successfully assisting procurement and business teams, our by now traditional guest is an extreme supporter of freedom and independence. He considers himself an introvert, but is very happy to tell stories, for example about how he lives in an energy self-sufficient house. "Because of its unusualness, my life can be of great interest to many people," he adds. That goes for us too!

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