Speakers at the Top or FSA 2019 Awards


Speakers at the Top or FSA 2019 Awards

07. 11. 2019 15:23 Jan Šlachta

Wednesday's gala evening again included the announcement of the FSA awards, which are awarded annually for extraordinary ideas and results in both corporate and public procurement. The new format of the competition and the minimal differences between the winners will be discussed, but now is the time to introduce the winners and runners-up in each category:

IDEA (private sector) - 1st: Radoslav Delina, 2nd: Jan Vašek, 3rd: innogy ČR
IDEA (public sector) - 1st: eBF festival, 2nd: Moravský Krumlov, 3rd: Leopoldov
TREND (private sector) - 1st: innogy ČR, 2nd: Asahi, 3rd: Ray Service
TREND (public sector) - 1st: Banská Bystrica Region, 2nd: Masaryk University Brno, 3rd: Moravian-Silesian Region
MASTER (private sector) - 1st: Tomáš Veit (Asahi), 2nd: Zdeněk Pytlíček (innogy CR), 3rd place: Martin Olejník (Ray Service)
MASTER (public sector) - 1st: Zuzana Krajčovičová (Public Procurement Office Slovakia), 2nd: Ondrej Kuruc (Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic), 3rd: Naďa Voráčová (Masaryk University Brno)

Congratulations once again and thank you very much for the award for our festival in the IDEA category!

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