Ostrava is changing for the better


Ostrava is changing for the better

09. 11. 2017 17:01 Jan Šlachta

On Thursday morning Tomáš Macura, the Mayor of Ostrava, came to greet us, having not got back from a business trip to Prague until that very morning, so there had been no point in going to sleep. In this respect many of us could sympathise with him, because many of us had done the same after a demanding Wednesday programme.

Concord has also been reached in the case of digital solutions, which Ostrava has been using for its procurement since 2010. The city, which has 180 organizations, is among the pioneers. "We would like to have savings of at least 10% a year, but the effect is far greater. That's why Ostrava is changing for the better," said the Mayor. We salute him!

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