Companies & Institutions TOGETHER


Companies & Institutions TOGETHER

14. 03. 2022 14:16 Jan Šlachta

We come across many interesting opportunities by chance. Often it is just a matter of seeing and hearing, meaning looking and listening. We digitized the tendering process - tenders and one of the forms of tender evaluation was eAuction. There were about five similarly specialized teams in both republics, and the main clients were companies. In 2005 we did the first evaluation of bids by auction for a smaller Slovak town. On the one hand a good result and on the other hand a new realisation that procurement in the public space is governed by the same principles. And since then we have started to pay more attention to "public".

When they first came to eBF, they were actually just "special" visitors at a procurement conference for companies. Today, the ratio of people representing companies vs. those form public sector public plus or minusprettty much the same. From the outside looking in, it might seem that contracting authorities have more room to draw inspiration from the progressive corporate environment, but innovations in their arsenal, such as dynamic procurement systems, computerisation of pre-market consultations, etc., are attracting interest on the other side. Not to mention recent trends of the time, such as social responsibility in procurement, which show common intersections of interest and mutually beneficial inspiration.

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