Come again!!!


Come again!!!

13. 11. 2017 11:48 Jan Šlachta

You were perfect and meticulous, and thanks to you, buyers here have the best job in the world! With the feeling that everything had gone as it should, we said our goodbyes to some on Thursday and then some more on Friday during the Caffè Lungo meeting.

“Its genius is in its perfection,” said Daša Paláková of the detailed provision of transport for eBF guests. It’s the little things that make a great whole, as we have now seen for the thirteenth time.

“I’m so glad that we always look forward to seeing each other more and more. That’s excellent. We sometimes say to ourselves that next time will be troublesome, but you always give us the opportunity to improve every time, and for that we thank you,” added Milan Kaplan.

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