APUEN SK becomes part of eBF


APUEN SK becomes part of eBF

14. 04. 2020 09:41 Jan Šlachta

The situation is very challenging this year, but we believe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The preparations for the festival are continuing apace, and the addition of the best is always very welcome. We are pleased that APUEN SK has accepted our invitation to dance, and Marcelka Turčanová will lead the curation of the newly created APUEN stage at eBF. Like OTIDEA in the Czech Republic, APUEN is one of the leading Slovak consultation and educational entities in the field of the digitalisation of public tenders.

The APUEN STAGE will respond to the current market situation and will reflect this by staging real-life practical examples from the public procurement environment. The puzzles and riddles of public procurement will be solved live. There’ll be tricks, advice and recommendations that will both enrich and entertain you.

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